Are boys kinkier in bed than their female counterparts?

The question of are boys naughtier in bed than their female counterparts, is one that has baffled many in the sexual arena for a number of years. The fact of the matter is that in answering this question, the answer is simply NO. Women tend, when they are in bed, to be a lot more open with their sexual escapades and are not as restricted as males are. If you stand around with your friends long enough, you are bound to hear a story of a woman that let her inner inhibitions go and let the animal in her loose.

In history the truth of the matter is that women are not as restrictive in private as they are in their public life. Many women that are quiet and reserved in public are animals when the bedroom door closes and the clothes come off. This is what leads to more women being on camming sites as opposed to that of men. There is a certain sense of mystery and intrigue that is associated with a woman being in the privacy of her own home and getting kinky.

Studies have shown that when it comes to sexual dreams, men are out done by women almost 2 to 1. This means that more women than men have sexual fantasies that they want to see fulfilled. This allows the question to be answered once and for all that men are far less kinky than women. This can also be proven on a number of the cam sites as a man will have a select number of things that they will do on the cam site. Women on the other hand are a lot more wild and unrestricted. This is also what allows them to give a better show and make better money than their male counterparts.

It is advised that you go to any of the sites that offer cams and take a few minutes to look around and see for yourself the many things that they offer. You will be surprised that many of the women are doing things that you would never expect a woman to do or are doing things that you never even thought that they would do. This once and for all can put an end to the question in the title. Once you see a woman perform, you will agree that they are far more kinky than any man could ever imagine.

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